For anyone who has suffered from a chronic medical condition, you will probably sympathize with this statement: “I just want to be healthy already!”  Unfortunately, there is no “flip of a light switch” answer for recovery when you have SIBO.  Healing requires self-control, determination, overcoming setbacks, and extreme will-power to heal.  A huge part of this is developing a new approach to eating in a world surrounded by temptations and convenience food.  It means creating a new approach to social activities: for example, rather than going out to eat with friends, try going for a hike or attending a yoga class together.  It also means eliminating a lot of foods that you probably tell yourself that “you cannot live without”.

Here is a timeline of foods I have eliminated at one point or another (as well as links to my pages about certain dietary approaches):

  • Dairy- January 2012
  • Gluten, Fruit- October 2012
  • Soy, Legumes- April 2013
  • FODMAPs- experimented with since January 2012, strict compliance since May 12, 2014.  See Low FODMAP.
  • Grains, Starchy Vegetables, Sugar & Other Sweeteners (except a little bit of stevia)- strict compliance since May 12, 2014-. See Specific Carbohydrate Diet.
  • Nightshades- May 12, 2014. See Elimination Diet.
  • Pretty much everything.  See Elimination Diet.  See Paleo.


How do I continue to deprive myself of all my favorite foods week after week and resist temptations?  First, I look at how far I have come.  Even in the past couple of months, my symptoms have improved dramatically.  Second, I focus on the end goal.  It is very inspiring to hear stories about people who have been in my shoes and have successfully reintroduced so many foods into their diet.  If you have a story to share, please leave a comment and help others in their efforts to sibowithhope.

2 thoughts on “Overview

  1. I had no problem eliminating any and everything necessary knowing that I can rid myself of this debilitating SIBO. My problem is knowing which foods are my best bet since there are much more conflicting food lists on SIBO than there was on Candida (that I also had to treat or am treating but it seems to be gone or down enuf that I can make it gone staying on the diet). So my fear of eating the wrong thing, something I’ve been eating on the Candida diet, but some sites say don’t eat it for SIBO but more sirptes said do eat it for SIBO…this causes fear and hopelessness which are extremely detrimental to healing!


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