Lab Results

Lab results are listed in reverse chronological order:

Lipase, CBC, CMP Aug 2015: these tests were run to try to figure out why I was having extreme hunger all the time- the only abnormality was low lipase, but lipase supplementation did not make any difference.  On a happier note- my liver levels (AST & ALT) looked amazing for the first time in a long time!

Cyrex Array 11: a little disappointed by the lack of information provided by this test compared to its cost. I also wonder about how relevant it is considering how well I responded to my first few rounds of chelation.

Quintron Lactulose Breath Test May 2015: barely positive- this was three weeks after discontinuing neem plus & all antimicrobials, however, I did not discontinue my prokinetics or magnesium in preparation for the test

Doctor’s Data Hair Test Apr 2015: high mercury & deranged mineral transport

Genova GI Effects 3-Day Stool Test Apr 2015: fat malabsorption & not enough beneficial bacteria

Lipid Panel, CMP, B12, Vit D Apr 2015: cholesterol still high, not absorbing vitamin D (only increased by 1 over several months of high dose vitamin D supplementation)

Organix Urine Test Oct 2014: liver needing some help, possibly still eating too much protein

Quintron Lactulose Breath Test Oct 2014: briefly symptom free, but still positive- hydrogen has decreased, methane now appears, but it looks like my large intestine is seeing the impact of chronic low FODMAP & potenitally extended use of antibiotics & antimicrobials

Comprehensive Blood Work Nov 2014: high cholesterol, high bilirubin, low vitamin D, but free T3 looking a little better

CRP, CMP, & Hormone Panel Oct 2014: hormones of a post-menopausal woman due to continued carbohydrate deprivation…a doctor finally told me to eat some carbs!

CMP, CBC, Free T3, Free T4 Jul 2014: carbohydrate deficiency getting worse- didn’t know this was causing the low T3 at the time and continued depriving myself of carbohydrates in an effort to heal my gut

CMP, CBC, Free T3, Free T4 May 2014: dehydrated, eating too much meat, inadequate carbohydrate intake

Commonwealth Lactulose Breath Test Feb 2014: positive for hydrogen 72 ppm at 120 mins, no methane

US Biotek IgA & IgG Food Panel Aug 2013: positive for several high thiol foods & two high phenol foods

Genetic Testing:
MTHFR Support Variant Report
Genetic Genie Methylation Profile

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