The Paleo diet is also referred to as the “caveman” diet because of its underlying philosophy.  The premise of paleo is that as humans, we should eat what our cavemen ancestors ate: a diet of animal proteins, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and fats.  Paleo discourages the consumption of grains, sugars, dairy, and processed foods that proliferate the modern-day American diet.

Awesome Paleo Cookbooks:

  • Practical Paleo by Danielle Sanfilippo (good for everyday and special meals)
  • Against All Grain by Danielle Walker (her waffle recipe is AMAZING- but you might not tolerate it if you have SIBO)

What I like about Paleo:

  •  Avoids processed foods & teaches you how to make healthier versions at home (ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, etc.)
  • Low carbohydrate which helps with SIBO symptoms
  • Encourages sitting down for meals (important for facilitating digestion)
  • Grass-fed meat (higher vitamin and mineral content, avoids factory farming)

My concerns about Paleo:

  • Prohibitively expensive for low-income individuals
  • Lots of prep work
  • Too much animal consumption (due to overpopulation and our current methods of meat production, if everybody were to adopt a Paleo diet, we would experience food shortages and increased animal cruelty)- Read the book The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer to better understand this concept.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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