Recommended Readings

Overview: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diet (very good summary with links to additional resources by Aglaee Jacobs) (This website is a wealth of information provided by Dr. Siebecker from the NCNM SIBO Center in Portland, OR.  She is a naturopath who is one of the leading SIBO experts)

A New IBS Solution (written by Dr. Mark Pimentel, this is a short book that goes over the science behind SIBO, treatment options, and the most common associated conditions)

IBS & Constipation (a short article that explains the way the intestines work and why fiber is not the answer for all cases of constipation)

Digestive Health with Real Food (provides in-depth, easy-to-follow scientific explanations about SIBO, causes, treatment, diet, & recipes)

The Paleo Approach (written by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD- she provides scientific explanations about certain foods & inflammation. And she is a nutrient genius!)

 Leaky Gut (often seen in patients with SIBO; my leaky gut has manifested itself through itchy skin and seasonal allergies)

Histamine Intolerance (seasonal allergies? food allergies? check this out!)

Practical Paleo Cookbook (If you can tolerate eggs, Diane’s Pumpkin Pancakes have been a favorite in my family)

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking (excellent, flavorful recipes with modifications for AIP, Low FODMAP, SCD/GAPS, & low carb)

SIBO Summer Cookbook (The first of its kind! A cookbook dedicated entirely to SIBO)

Hydrogen Sulfide (a lengthy and scientifically-written article that explains various complications of hydrogen sulfide bacteria in the small intestine)

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