New Website & Staying Connected (IMPORTANT)

In an effort to make my website (and especially my recipe page!) more user-friendly, I have switched over to a new site with fresh content and a different format.  Check it out at

While you are there, check out my latest recipes:

You may have also noticed that my domain name has changed (it will no longer be  I am still highly focused on helping individuals with SIBO.  I also want to be able to support a variety of digestive conditions and help those who have been labeled with SIBO but have other issues going on that deserve attention.

My name change also reflects my education over the past year that has provided me with a balanced and holistic outlook on health and nutrition.  In just a few quick months, I will graduate with a master’s degree and be ready to provide nutritional counseling services for those dealing with chronic digestive issues (and other conditions as well!).

For those of you who are currently subscribed to my email list, I will be migrating your email addresses to my new email list to make the process as easy on you as possible.  If you wish to continue receiving updates, please confirm your subscription when you receive an initial email.  If you would rather not continue, simply ignore the email and you will no longer be subscribed.

We can also stay connected on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for your support along this journey!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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