Red meat and cancer? – what to think and what to do

Aglaee provides an excellent research-based analysis of the red meat & cancer “news” from this year in her most recent blog post. If you haven’t already read her post, I highly recommend checking it out!

Radicata Nutrition with Aglaée


A recent report from the WHO (World Health Organisation) declared that processed meat is carcinogenic and that red meat is a ”probable” carcinogen.

It is not the first time and probably not the last time that we hear of a study with similar results… but when such a credible organisation as the WHO makes such a declaration, it is important to stop and listen carefully before simply dismissing the results and going back to your steak.

What to think?

WHO’s 3 categories of carcinogens

First, let’s try to understand the 3 categories of carcinogens established by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), a subdivision of the WHO.

  • Group 1: This group includes proven carcinogens, such as tobacco, asbestos and now processed meat since the most recent WHO report.
  • Group 2A: This group includes probable carcinogens, such as glyphosate (the pesticide RoundUp), ultraviolet radiations, and now your burger.
  • Group 2B

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What are your thoughts on this topic?

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