Organic Urine Acid Test Confirms Sulfur Suspicions

I do not remember ever being as excited to go to a doctor’s appointment as I was today.  Why?  Because today I got to see the results of my Organix Comprehensive Urine Profile from Genova Diagnostics.

One of the markers that I found to be interesting from these test results was that I am positive for MTHFR.  While my gene testing also showed this, gene mutations are not necessarily expressed and it is only when they are expressed that they lead to issues. The Organix urine test informed me that not only do I have MTHFR, but it is activated and could be creating an imbalance in my enzyme function.  Based on my genetic testing, I know that I am heterozygous for the A1298C gene mutation (that means it came from only one of my parents).  I actually found this piece of information out in September, but the doctor who ordered the blood test told me that having only one copy of this gene mutation does not generally cause problems.  However, my own research (see links below) and confirmation from my SIBO doctor today has led me to believe otherwise.  I still may do 23andme testing to gain an even better understanding of my genes and figure out if there is anything else going on that would leave me susceptible to bacterial infections.

Here is what was indicated on my summary of abnormal findings:

Fatty Acid Metabolism: This may explain why all of the women along my matriarchal lineage have developed gallstones.

Adipate: Very High

Suberate: High

Carbohydrate Metabolism:

Pyruvate: High

Energy Production Markers:

Cis-Aconitate: Very Low

Methylation Cofactor Markers: confirms MTHFR gene mutation

Formiminoglutamate: High

Oxidative Damage and Antioxidant Markers:

8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine: High

Detoxification Indicators: confirms my difficulty with detoxification (elevated liver and kidney levels) and the fact that sulfur is an issue for me

Glucarate: High

Pyroglutamate: High

Sulfate: Very High


I have not had a chance to really sit down and sort out all of the pieces, but I wanted to get my results out there for those who have similar issues and want to start looking into getting this test done for themselves.  It is clear that avoiding sulfur foods and promoting healthy detoxification will be important for my healing process.  I plan to detoxify slowly so that I do not overwhelm my already fragile system.  I would like to get into a regular hot hatha yoga practice and support my immune system by receiving nutrient IVs that are tailored to my specific needs (as determined by my organic urine acid test).  Further reducing my bacterial overgrowth will also be a piece of the puzzle.  To start, my SIBO doctor has me using Berberine Complex from Integrative Therapeutics.  I will be checking back in with her in two weeks to discuss the results of this treatment protocol.

Links for some of my research:

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Health Impacts: my SIBO doctor actually asked if she could keep the copy of this patent that I brought to her.  We both agreed that hydrogen sulfide was likely an issue for me.  However, I recently took the Protea Biopharma gut dysbiosis test and had a negative result.  I am uncertain whether the test is inaccurate or whether I actually do not have hydrogen-sulfide producers in my small intestine.

MTHFR from Stop the Thyroid Madness

Methylation/MTHFR by Dr. Amy Yasko

6 thoughts on “Organic Urine Acid Test Confirms Sulfur Suspicions

  1. I am curious how the Berberine Complex worked for you as I also have sulfur intolerance and was told to avoid Berberine. I am just not starting to figure all this stuff out and it is SO confusing!


  2. I know this is an old post… but I was wondering if you found out that you have a CBS mutation as well that was causing the high sulfur levels? My husband is Compound Heterozygous for MTHFR and we are addressing that right now. However, we just got the Comprehensive Hair Analysis back and his sulfur is high. I am finding that CBS mutation can cause that. Just curious to see where you are in this journey… if you are still out there blogging! 🙂 Hope all is well!


    • Yes, I am still out here blogging 🙂 I do have one CBS 699 mutation, but what I found to be most helpful to my sulfur intolerance was fixing my gut health. I suspect that I had hydrogen sulfide producing organisms overloading my sulfur pathways and causing symptoms.


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